About Avalon Days

During the rollercoaster of quarantine, I think we all can admit to exploring activities that, in hindsight, might raise an eyebrow or two. Whether it was a fleeting fantasy of donning the chef's hat for a gourmet escapade or attempting to cultivate a backyard garden of Eden, the journey has been, let's say, colorful.

Personally, I found myself reaching for any activity that would keep not just my three daughters entertained but, let's be honest, myself included. Amidst the delightful chaos, my family and I headed down to my parents' house, where an unexpected spark of creativity hit. It was there, in the laid-back atmosphere of Avalon, NJ that I stumbled upon the seemingly innocuous pastime of beading bracelets with my three girls.

Little did I know that what started as a simple and entertaining family activity would transform into the heart of my business, Avalon Days. Rising from the ashes of burnt culinary endeavors and the wreckage of failed DIY projects, the delicate art of beadwork emerged as my unexpected passion, weaving its way into the fabric of Avalon Days. Each ring and bracelet now serves as a testament to love, perseverance, and the unpredictable journey that life takes us on.

As the sole driving force behind this venture, I pour my creativity and dedication into every intricately crafted bracelet, infusing each piece with the essence of the unexpected journey that birthed Avalon Days. Thank you for being here, for not only for valuing craftsmanship and creativity but also for making Avalon Days a part of your story, cherishing the little moments that make life extraordinary.